Stylefile Magazine #43 has arrived.

The new Stylefile #43 sugarfile has finally arrived: Sugar-sweet Graffiti styles served on 80 pages, that make you want more like the first piece of chocolate. 

The 43rd issue became kind of a calorie-bomb and it includes everything a graffiti magazine needs. From painted walls, trains and sketches from all over the world to features with GRIS1, JOE VOLT, ROSY ONE and TRUE.

The LOW BROS, two of those highly-talented newcomers within the contemporary graffiti-art scene, give an insight into their lives and thoughts and also CANTWO has a lot to say when he looks back on more than 30 years of graffiti writing.

If you want something really sweet, here comes sugar for your eyes!

Format: A4 landscape, 80 pages, text: german/english.
stylefile34 stylefile34_2 stylefile34_3 stylefile34_4 stylefile34_5 stylefile34_6
Purchase for $15 from our online store here.

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