The Rawthentic team from Melbourne have finally dropped their first record on wax and it’s now available for purchase from our online store. The package comes with a bonus Instrumental CD of the release, plus some stickers. All this for $30 plus $1.40 for shipping in Australia.


01. The Rawness – Secondhand DJs Pro. Dj Rellik
02. The Roster – P.Link, Downpat, J.Mac, Eazy & Jestar / Pro. Koots
03. Don’t Play – The Aphilliates / Pro. Engineer
04. Writin Rhymes – Eazy / Pro. Must Volkoff
05. Nasty bars – Jestar Dahmer / Pro. Vince Van Go
06. The middle children of earth Skit – / Pro. Vince Van Go
07. The Root of evil – The Aphilliates / Pro. Engineer
08. Half Full – J.Mac / Pro. Fluent Form
09. Hunting Season – Downpat / Pro. Must Volkoff
10. Authenticity Skit – / Pro. Domingo
11. Ive Had It – P.Link / Pro. Sammy Scissors
12. Stop That – The Aphilliates / Pro. Brez

Check out their video clips from some off the tracks from the album down below



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