567 King Presents “Off The Rails” Kings Konekted, Reverse Polarities, Illergic, P-Link – J Mac & Downpat, Verbill, Uncouth Brutes/ Amber Liquid Squids, Scotty B, Dj Maniak HOSTED BY RIVALS

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Illergic – Illville

“Every word that comes out of my mouth is one of my soldiers that go to war”. Germ Warfare, Culture of Kings II – Illergic

Emerging from Sydney’s Hip-Hop scene in the late 90s, Illergic stands amongst Australia’s elite and most accomplished lyricists.

Renowned for intense wordplay and his own unique brand of rapid fire delivery, Illergic has left his mark on Australian Hip-Hop via multiple releases such as his solo album Illergic Reaction, his two albums with Terminal Illness (Padlock Your Heads 1999 and Sons Of Medusa 2001), and alongside Australia’s best on the classic Culture of Kings II compilation.

Now, Illergic is back, with his rhymes sharper than ever with the release of his new album ” ILLVILLE ” backed by the beats of super producers DJ K-Works, DJ Maniak, Dirty Sweet ( UK/Amsterdam ), Mizari, Scotty B Digital Assassin and Direct (Base Dynamics). Featuring artists such as Bias B, Reason, Cannibal Tribe,Raph A.L ( Terra Firma ), Base Dynamics, Alice Adriaanse, Tommy Rock & Axxin The Supernova from the USA.

16 Tracks.

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Does returns to Australia to present “Endless Perspectives”, a new body of work aiming to capture graffiti’s transient nature through 40 canvases centered around five cities close to his heart. A series of films accompanies the artworks, allowing you to join him on this pilgrimage around the world seeking creative creative enlightenment.

The five cities – Amsterdam, Basel, London, Paris and Melbourne – contain a distinct colour combination that was chosen based on the predominant colours Does came across during his travels in each of these cities. Using his infamously meticulous letters, Does portrays the multifaceted aspects of his artwork and the inspiration surrounding him. A love letter to both cities and styles, “Endless Perspectives” leaves you looking a little closer.


Wednesday 10th April 2013
Opening starts at 6pm.
The Tate @ The Toxteth
345 Glebe Pt Rd,
Glebe, Sydney, 2037


Adrian Incarnate (Formerly known as Labyrinth the Lost Poet) – Early Years & Doomsayer Album Free Download

Early Works LP
Free album download
Underground Aussie hip hop from 2005-2009
By the artist formerly known as Labyrinth the Lost Poet


1. Infinity’s Eye 03:05
2. Immortal 03:29
3. No Future 04:26
4. Battle Mage 03:46
5. Party Killaz (feat. Toofar) 05:08
6. Reptile (Lizard Man) (feat. Maztank) 05:34
7. Scold Rap 04:08
8. The Talking Stick 01:40
9. Back When 04:33
10. Hypocrite 01:10
11. Holiday 04:08
12. War Rhythmatic 04:05
13. Nihilist 07:31
14. The Druid (feat. Grouce) 04:40
15. Acid 02:41
16. Songsmith 02:02
17. Brainwashed and Dried 04:48
18. Evolution from Within 01:02
19. Labyrinth (The Philosopher) 03:25
20. Save my Breath (feat. Boundary Pushers) 03:50
21. Falling Hard 03:33
22. Confused Savage 04:55


1. With Immense Fury, a Tribe of Warrior-Gods Stirs from Meditation to Defend their Homeworld 02:13
2. A Thousand Corpses 00:48
3. Tormented an Old Emperor Sits Deformed by Long Forgotten Lust for Power (feat. Grouce 03:28
4. Portal (feat. Rinnaz) 03:46
5. Memorial 00:56
6. Paint as you Like and Die Fulfilled (feat. MC Vivid & Sec) 05:06
7. The City, with its People and their Accumulated Wealth 01:31
8. The Great Divide 03:49
9. Curses Scornfully Cast from Atop Ill-Omened Citadels (feat. Rorks Drift & Shan One) 03:45
10. Kingdom of Hades 03:52
11. Wounds that Never Heal (feat. Xrsize, Mezmerize & Bec Rosher) 03:42
12. Battle March of the Zombie War Chiefs pt. 1: An Undead Army Marches Haggard in the Sun(the Lich Have Never Before Crossed the Great Desert) (feat. Ovahand [Maim]) 02:53
13. What Concerns Those who Live and Die Beyond the Portal (Reprise) 01:39
14. Crimson are the Tears of Gods (feat. Lauren Jane Gault) 02:29
15. Frostbitten, this Wizard of Woes 04:35
16. Return of Love 03:38
17. Last Moments 02:08
18. To Name a Thing, Thereby Obscuring the Inescapable Principals of Change (Requiem for an Immortal) 03:37