Molotow Restocked at 567

A fresh Molotow PREMIUM delivery has just hit our shelves. The PREMIUM is not only outstanding through its high opacity and very good UV-resistance, but also by its fast drying. Art works will remain as long as possible, while short drying times enable you to work quickly. With so many vibrant and lush colours to choose from, the Molotow PREMIUM is the no. 1 reference spray can in the scene.

Sprayground Backpacks – Now available from 567 King

We’ve just had a new shipment of the incredible Sprayground backpacks touch down at the store at 567 King and they are now available to purchase in Australia. All bags are made strong and sturdy to provide durability and have clever compartments for laptops, books, sunglasses and so on and even have hidden stash pockets. Simply put, these are the best backpacks you will find.

Check out some of the crazy designs we have on offer.

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Buy Sprayground backpacks in Sydney, Australia.
All bags are limited edition and never produced again. Shop from 567 King for Sprayground backpacks in Australia.


The rappers hate the idea. The rockers, struggling with drugs and low record sales, don’t know what to make of Rubin’s pitch. But on a Sunday in March, they meet in a Manhattan recording studio to create what will become one of the most important songs of the modern pop era. This is the oral history of Run-DMC’s cover of “Walk This Way.”

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Ironlak Strikers – CHEO

Ever found yourself lost in a daydream? British artist CHEO has his head in the clouds on the daily. Constructing colourful wonderlands complete with personality-filled creatures that could only come from the mind of an illustrative prodigy. In this dream, he brings to life two pen-wielding sharks using Ironlak Strikers Tri-Grip Twin Markers for the colouring and Ironlak Permanent Markers for outlining.

Purchase Ironlak Strikers


We also have a colouring book from CHEO titled National Cheographic.